Why People Love Shopping During Black Friday

People shop around the year for various reasons. But what is so interesting about Black Friday Shopping? Why do people rush for Black Friday deals? Is it the deal that attracts the Black Friday Consumers or it is more than the deal?

Many people believe that it is the bargain that actually attracts people. However, consumer psychologists have different things to tell. According to Kit Yarrow at Golden Gate University, people shop for Black Friday deals because they have always done this since they were kids. “Rushing for Black Friday deals is more of a tradition rather than the bargain,” she says. “This is a kind of ritual, there is a kind of festive spirit,” Kit Yarrow adds.

Those who make most of the Black Friday deals are doing it as a ritual that they enjoy a lot. However, not all people rush for Black Friday deals. What happens to these people? Well, actually, at the end of the day, they will rush to the malls and become a part of the crowd. While some people always look forward to Black Friday and they rush as soon as the deals are open, while some people are not very enthusiastic about Black Friday, yet they will surely go for Black Friday Shopping.

What is the Unique Selling Proposition of Black Friday deal? These deals are launched to hit consumers when they are most vulnerable. Free is a word that attracts people from all walks of life. People rush for “buy one get one free”, “buy one and get another for discounts,” “buy one and get a free gift.” The free offer is so attractive that people will spend money to get these free offers. According to Kit Yarrow, people do not mind buying more in order to be entitled for free shipping.

The Black Friday bargains also give the consumers a momentary relief from their anxieties. Shopping has a therapeutic value.  A pair of new shoes will always make you happy.

Save money during the Black Friday sale and other bargains

No one wants to become a spendthrift, however, a lot of us end up spending more than what we planned. So, how do we make sure that we save money on shopping? There are a couple of things to consider.

Go on bargain hunting

Not just during the festivities, you can find bargains throughout the years. Just like Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year sales, there are weekend sales, winter sales, spring sales and much more.


Discounts are a great way to save on your shopping bills. You can get festive discounts, stock clearance discounts as well as regular customer discounts.

A research in consumer behavior has discovered that Black Friday shopping or any time will uplift your mood. So, what are you waiting for? Go on a shopping spree.


  1. Black Friday is a good means of driving lots of traffic online for the store and to gain more customers, while most sellers use this to sell out goods that are not gaining so much audience

  2. I think this is more likely is tradition to go for black Friday and to enhance the interest towards the either of the side seller and buyer as well. satisfaction and other is happiness is more important again to both.

  3. I love Black friday. Black Fridays gives me a chance to get expensve electronic products in cheap prices. I love shopping in BLACK FRIDAY! It is always an awaited day for a lot of consumers.

  4. Without a doubt, Black Friday represents more a habit and a habit that are already part of American culture. same who could let these offers pass? very good article.

  5. Black Friday is the day that stores in the country begin the Christmas season, as thousands of people choose that day, after the Thanksgiving holiday, to go out and buy gifts.
    To take advantage of this willingness to spend, businesses offer the biggest discounts of the year that day and extend their schedules.
    Some open the night before and usually find long queues of customers entering the stampede.
    Something that has even generated accidents and the deaths of a worker and a buyer in the last decade.

  6. I had bit knowledge about black friday before i read this article.This whole artical contains all the informations about the black friday deals.It is really important..

  7. This is very informative, and good information on online shopping. most of the people will get the information on black friday market.

  8. Your articles are really good. I’ve found this article really amazing. Keep on writing many articles and keep on sharing.

  9. Black Friday is an amazing and effective way to increase the consumers buying tendency and appetite for the products. It is also a form of rewarding brand loyalty by the sellers. this is a win- win approach to both the buyers and the sellers.

  10. Really good article. It’s a nice point of view and I think the same as somebody said here, its more a tradition at all. But I gotta admit that I buy so much more at this time of the year…

  11. Black Friday has amazing discounts on the product. Its human tendency to save a little and get that product at a reasonable price.

  12. Black Friday has amazing discounts on the product. Its human tendency to save a little and get that product at a reasonable price.

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