How to Pass Obstacles in Life

How to Pass Obstacles in Life

Scientists, mystics, spiritualists, and religious people all have tried to define life. However, life is stranger than what the scientists, mystics, and spiritualists have imagined. Interestingly, there is one simple truth. Whatever happens in life, good or bad, sickness or accidents, pain, or separation, all of us manage to come out of the difficulties that we face in life. Life gives us pain, however, life also teaches us how to overcome pain; life gives us sadness, however, life also brings happiness. Difficulties in life make us feel bad and make us suffer, however, life also teaches us survival skills. Having said that it is also a fact that a man finds himself divided into pieces when he is suffering or passing through difficult circumstances.

Life Throws Difficulties, Yet You Need to Tackle These Difficulties

I am not a different person, therefore, every day, every moment, I go through difficulties in life. In fact, I suffer, I become sad every now and then. For example, I am passing through exactly the same mental condition right now. I am feeling terribly dejected, low and to the point of giving up but when I look back at my similar past experiences during my past life I have reasons to believe that all will be well in the end. Actually, life is stranger than it looks with a casual glance.

You Have to Experience Life The way it is

Life tests you at every step probably to test your strength. There will be situations when you will feel nervous and weak, nonetheless, you will have to face them. I cannot imagine a person giving up easily just because he encountered some stiff challenges. What could be the worst in the end, he will fail in achieving his desired target but that is not the end of the world. Here are some lines from Bhagavad Gita.

What did you bring in this world, what will you take with when you die.

You were born empty-handed, and die empty-handed.

What ever you gathered, you gathered in this world.

Bhagavad Gita

Bhagavad Gita is the Hindu Book of Wisdom. You can always take inspiration from this Hindu Scripture. One can always start from the beginning, do everything all over again, repeat the process again, and again until he gets there. I am passing through that phase right now failing at few places despite the fact that I am doing my best/ But it is also true that I cannot win against all odds which I face in the process of reaching the finish line.

I have always believed that you should have trust in your abilities but never give up. You should know what you are doing and always keep going ahead with confidence in whatever you do. I am also sure you will face a lot of problems since no work is as simple as we think it is. Tough times come but tough times do not last.

Are You Ready to Experience The Life?

If you are determined to face the difficulties to achieve your goal and are firm on your decision to reach your destination, there is no stopping you. At times we may feel that life gives us shocks but only momentarily that is if you are brave enough to face them.

Life tests you in various ways. It gives you shocks so that you can learn how to come out of difficult situations, know the various aspects of life, learn from defeats, and respect the results.

Life Moves Through Valleys and Peaks, Happiness and Sadness

I know I am passing through a bad phase of my life where I may take a few bad decisions in my low mental state but I will soon come out of my current state of mind. I know that, I’ve got to stay determined and strong to face these tough times.

You know what, we all face tough times, and everyone has to have their share of difficulties but the one who passes through them reaches right on time.

Life tests you in various ways. It gives you shocks so that you can learn how to come out of difficult situations, know the various aspects of life, learn from defeats, and respect the results.


  1. Life is beyond science, mystic or spirituality. We can’t read life 100% we can oy give clue and not detect exactly how life will be in the future. That’s why we take it as we see it, work hard to amend our shortcomings to have better tomorrow based on our dream.

  2. There is no secret recipe you can use and always get the best result because our lives are different and our characters differ from one another. I would always suggest to people to focus more on themselves, to fully get to know themselves because only like that they can fight in life and let’s say – win.

  3. Life is indeed full of challenges and triumphs. In the midst of difficulties, it’s crucial to remember that you possess the strength to overcome.

    Keep moving forward with determination and confidence, knowing that tough times are just temporary chapters in the grand story of your journey.

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