How to get rid of loneliness?

How to get rid of loneliness?

I don’t understand why it so that we feel lonely despite living in a society full of people and so many ways to share our feelings with everyone or anyone whom we know or love. What I feel is that we are lot more connected to each other now with the help of different gadgets than ever before.

Why do we suffer from loneliness?

People have friends and relatives for company but most of us are not happy. We are increasingly complaining about being lonelier. I think and can relate with the fact that we as people are lonelier than ever because we are not willing to disclose our internal world with our friends and relatives.

We are keeping our joys and sorrows to ourselves. On the other hand, I have heard an expression in English language that describes it as ‘maybe we are trying to keep our face in a jar by the door’.Let me accept my own fault if I am still feeling lonely even while in a crowd that perhaps is entirely my own fault.

I am using my fifteen minutes travel for going to park with my friend and same distance back but not using a single minute for real discussion but formalities. And if we talk we share all our sorrows but not our joys. I know some of us are still lonely but that does not mean we’re alone.

I am sorry to say I am in this state of mind because others have learned how to enjoy their company but I am a person you can characterize primarily with my own thoughts and feelings. For me maybe the going is not as smooth but the fault is mine. I should rather begin to cope with the situation if I wish to survive in this world.

You know perhaps Lois Lowry said for people like us, “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared”.

I am sure he was true up to some extent but why is that we are unable to share our memories and get rid of loneliness, as far I am concerned I was never shy of sharing my experiences with people whom I trust and that helps for sure.

How to get rid of our loneliness?

Here are some of the tricks you would want to try-
1- Exercising is one way to get rid of loneliness so try it
2- I am sure you have a good collection of songs you would like to hear when you’re feeling lonely
3- Try chatting with your online friends
4- Why don’t you try joining forums of your choice and meet with people from different parts of the world
5- There are hundreds of websites waiting for your ideas. Start writing for a website that even pays for your writing
6- If you don’t like doing any of the mentioned above, try helping people in need. There are a number of people out there that need your support
7- Have a pet and you will find your loneliness is gone for good

The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain.


  1. Nice article Suni. Yes, it’s not easy to get rid of the loneliness. It’s better to engage oneself in some activity to get rid of the same. Keeping per is the best way to that because once you have a pet you have to take responsibility for the pet which will take up your most of the time and definitely won’t let you feel alone anytime. In my case, I prefer to watch a movie or go for a walk in a park which makes me feel that I am not alone.

  2. I am thankful that I do not suffer from loneliness. I do hope that those who do will get help or manage to work through it. I personally get very frustrated when my own children FINALLY tell me they were depressed or lonely but they worked through it. I’m glad they feel better, but I wish they had told me. Maybe I could have helped them work through it quicker. I advise others who are suffering NOT to do what my kids did. Get help. Don’t be lonely and suffer alone.

  3. Nice article. I feel that we are so engrossed in our work and online activities that we don’t have any time left for making real connections. I would suggest to make more real connections. Talk to your family & friends on regular basis. Be there for your colleagues.

  4. I think this depends on the person but most psychologist would suggest socialization as number one choice and I would agree on this. When I was very depressed and felt lonely, I decided to go to train martial arts and met many new people and among them I met my first girlfriend. I promise you, get to know people, go among people and your life will be waaaay better. We are not born to be alone, we are social beings.

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