How To Avoid Getting Tired: Herbs and Spices that Make You Feel Better

How To Avoid Getting Tired: Herbs and Spices that Make You Feel Better

Generally speaking, a lot of people believe that tiredness is a sign of weakness. It is true that when you are physically and mentally weak, you feel tired. However, if you feel too much tired even though you have not done too much mental or manual work, this symptom indicates that you might be suffering from various diseases. For instance, workweakness is not the reason behind tiredness. Tiredness might also be an early sign of various diseases, for example, in the conditions like diabetes, thyroid, fibromyalgia, or depression you feel very tired. Tiredness itself can be a disease and it is called Ceaseless Fatigue Syndrome

Interestingly, even simple things might be causing your tiredness. If you are always tired, the following causes might be the reason behind your tiredness.

“Why I am Always Tired?” Here Are The Reasons

Not getting enough sleep: How many hours of sleep you should get depends on various factors such as age, physical and mental labor, etc. However, an adult need between 7-9 hours of daily sleep. If you are not getting enough sleep, you might be always feeling tired.

Not drinking enough water:  When water level depletes from your body, you might feel tired because when there is a shortage of water in your body, the blood becomes thick, and when the blood is thick your heart has to work harder. When there is a load in your heart, you feel tired.

Not getting enough nutrients: You might be eating a lot of food yet you might not be getting the required amount of nutrients. This is true for the people who dine out or eat a lot of junk foods.  Sometimes when you are trying to cut calories, you might be eating less, this might also cause tiredness.

Not getting enough physical activities: If your life is sedentary if you do not do physical activities, it is very likely that you are getting always tired.

Not getting enough oxygen: Oxygen should be reaching each and every cell in your body. If your cells are not getting enough oxygen, you might start feeling tired.

How to Avoid Getting Tired

Here are some simple yet powerful ways to refill you with energy and overcome tiredness.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep. On the day when you have done more physical or mental work, you need more sleep compared to an average day.

If tiredness is due to dehydration drink a lot of water. Remember you need to drink more water in the summer compared to winter, you need to drink more water after a workout. Never confuse caffeinated and carbonated drinks as a replacement for water.

Make sure you are eating various kinds of food to get all the vital nutrients. Also, make sure, you are getting enough calories for your body to work.  If you are trying to cut calories, you can skip the evening meal, but you should never skip breakfast or lunch.

You need exercise not only to remain healthy and fit but also feel energetic and full of vigor. Exercise helps in various physiological processes, including but not limited to nervous, circulation, and digestive system.

Breathing exercises like deep breathing, pranayama (yoga breathing exercises) can help you get enough oxygen for your body.

You can also try meditation, yoga, music and feel-good activities to avoid getting tired. In case the tips mentioned do not help you in overcoming tiredness, you can make modifications to eating habits to avoid getting tired.

Herbs and Spices that Make You Feel Better

A lot of us might be suffering from weakness, poor immune system, low energy, pain, inflammation, fatigue and much more. While these might be the signs of various disorders and can be cured only with proper medication, taking certain herbs and spices might be really helpful. In fact, many herbs and spices are highly beneficial in boosting your immune system, refilling you with energy, curing pain and inflammation.

Before you run into your doctor and ask for advice for your weakness, tiredness, fatigue, pain, inflammation, low energy, or start using over the counter pill, try these herbs and spices that can help you feel better.


If you want to make a shortlist of the best herbs, turmeric will certainly feature on the list. Turmeric has great healing power, it can heal you internally and externally. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It also fights off bacteria and viruses. Turmeric can help in conditions like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, pain, blood pressure, Alzheimer’s Disease. Turmeric also contains protein, dietary fiber, Niacin, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and many vital nutrients.


Spices enhance taste and flavors in your food. If you have to choose only one item to enhance taste and flavor, it definitely got to be garlic. Garlic is also a great herb that has amazing health benefits. Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Garlic detox your body, cleanse your blood, improve heart health, help with gastritis conditions, and inflammation.


Ginger is an herb and spice that can be used in multiple ways. You can use ginger to improve the taste and flavor of your foods as well as treat and cure various conditions. You can use ginger to tackle inflammation, pain, indigestion, common cold, flu, muscular pain, etc.

Chilli Peppers

Chilli pepper is not just a spice that makes your food tasty, it has a lot of health benefits. It is highly beneficial in improving the circulatory system, fighting inflammation, boost heart health, clear nasal congestion. The hot flavor in chili peppers helps to reduce pain.


If you have dental pain, you can use whole cloves or clove essential oils. The compounds present on cloves are also good for skin, Vitamin A, Thiamin, and Beta-Carotene.


Cardamom has been used in traditional Indian medicine since ages for urinary tract infection, and bladder and kidneys problems. Cardamom is also used in depression, liver detoxification mouth ulcers, and digestive problems. Cardamom is good for overall health because of anti-inflammatory properties.

Tiredness might be an early sign of various diseases. Once you know the causes of tiredness, you can easily overcome or avoid tiredness.


  1. I don’t know whether we should include turmeric in spices or herbs category, however, this thing is a medicinal plant as well as a taste maker. You can also use turmeric as a food color.

  2. If I have to choose one herb it is always ginger. I am a fan of ginger. I use ginger in various home remedies as well as cooking. Ginger is highly beneficial in various disease like heart disease, diabetes as well as conditions like cough, cold and flu.

  3. Meditation and yoga both are very helpful in overcoming tiredness. Milk fortified with turmeric before going to bed is good for overcoming tiredness

  4. Thanks a lot for pointing out what makes us feel tired, and the herbs to take in order to remedy ceaseless tiredness of the body.

  5. I like spices on food. In fact, for lunch today I had some tuna and normally it’s kind of bland, but with some special seasoning it was awesome and yesterday I got a can of canned chicken and added some “chicken kick” seasoning and put it in a pot, cooked it and made a really delicious soup.

    Anyway, what I’m sort of getting at is that I can get spices via food. It’s all about getting in the habit of cooking. Now, myself, I don’t like to cook, but with my income it’s very expensive to eat out. In fact, the only affordable stuff is $5 meals from Taco Bell, Burger King, or Wendy’s (I live in the US.).

    Now, honestly, I don’t really know what spices I’m eating. I don’t know if it’s the ones on the blog post. Well, basically, it’s spices made up of many things, some of which are probably what is listed.

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