How Positive Thinking Can Boost Your Career and Relationship

How Positive Thinking Can Boost Your Career and Relationship

Look around you, you will see people who are always successful in their career and profession as if they are blessed by God. Well, we all are blessed by God, if God hadn’t blessed us, we wouldn’t be here. But why is it that some people are always successful and some people never succeed or even when they are successful they do not have much of what they actually aimed for, or are capable of? Do you know what it takes to become successful whether in your professional life or personal life? Well, you need knowledge, wisdom, intellect, compassion, love, care, and care to become successful in a career or relationship. However, there is also something more to this. If you judge all the people who are successful in their career and relationship, you will notice one common thing. Well, that is optimism or positive thinking.

When we are an optimist or let say when we being to think positively, we program our brains in such a way that everything becomes simplified and easy. When we think positively, we are unconsciously paving the path and making things easier for ourselves. That also includes success in many areas of our life, such as in our workplace or personal life.

The Power of Positive Thinking: How Does Positive Thinking Help

You hear a lot of self-help gurus talking about the “power of positive thinking.” Do you think this is just a thought or does it have any valid reasons. Well, science has done research on whether our thinking pattern has anything to do with our personality, behavior, success, achievement, and so on. The studies show that people who have optimism are way more successful than people who are pessimists. Positive thinkers and positive behaviors are also happy people compared to those who think and act negatively. There are a lot of studies that have demonstrated that when you think and act positive, a lot of good changes happen in your body, mind, as well as life.

Actually, when you are positive or begin to have an optimistic view of everything, your brain starts releasing endorphins which give you pleasant feelings related to wellbeing and wellness, including emotional wellbeing.

Some people are born with a positive attitude, they take everything optimistically. However, even if you were not born with an optimistic attitude you can train your attitude and behavior to become positive. In order to become positive, you have to see the bright side of life, you have to find hope, you have to look for meaning. Once you learn how to see the bright side of life, you will also become positive and you will be happy and healthy.

Researchers from Michigan University discovered that our emotions play an important role in our life. These emotions can change the course of our life are:

  • Love
  • Contentment
  • Interest
  • Joy

By applying these emotions in our life, our resilience will grow and we can explore the surrounding environment with more confidence and secure feeling.

How Long Does Positive Thinking Take to Show its Results

You do not have to wait for months or years to see how being positive will help you. The moment you begin to think positively, you being to have a positive outlook towards the people, world, and situations, and you will feel lighter, happier, stress-free, anxiety-free. When you are filled with pleasure and happiness, what you actually are doing is you are sending positive vibes, you are telling that you love this life, this world; you care about the people, you are compassionate, you are a humanist. When you have these attributes, people like you, they will love you, they want to be around you.

You might ask, I do understand being positive help, but how do I train my mind to be positive. A lot of people might relate to this. People know positive thinking helps, but they cannot simply begin to think positively. This might look hard, but since we are talking about how being positive help, we will simplify this. Join the people are positive and get away from the people who are a pessimist. In other words, form a company of people who only see the bright side of life and abandon the people who are always complaining and talking about darkness. Positive thinkers will install energy in you whereas negative thinkers will drain you. So, try to surround yourself with people having a positive mindset.

Scientific studies and clinical trials have established that …

  • Positive thinking lowers the depression level
  • There will be a better psychical and a psychological state of well-being
  • People tend to live a longer, healthier, and happier.

People who are positive and have an optimistic viewpoint succeed in education, career, relationship, profession, business, etc.

How to Start Thinking Positively

There are a lot of reasons to begin thinking positively, however, if you have been a pessimist all your life, how do you get started.

You can begin with dumping negative thinkers from your life and join positive thinkers.

Secondly, you will have to sweep away all negative thoughts from the mind, and well come positive thoughts. Even a simple thing can be a great start. For example, instead of thinking/saying what depressing weather is, you can try enjoying it as everything is special and beautiful in its own way.

The third step to start becoming positive is by always motivating yourself. For example, if you are disqualified from a job, instead of becoming a pessimist, you can tell yourself a better opportunity awaits you, you deserve something better. When you are asked to do something and you don’t know how to do it, do not just refuse it, and instead say something positive like I can learn something new by doing this.

Things can change from one day to another in your life. It is important that you are practicing positive thinking every day, and soon you will realize that your life has changed for the better.

How Positive Thinking Make or Break Your Professional or Personal Life

How long can you sit inside a room with rotten tomatoes? Sooner or later, you will run away. The same kind of thing happens to people who are pessimists. Just like rotten tomatoes, negative thinkers stink. Nobody wants to hang around with someone who stinks.

Contrarily, if you are an optimist, people will just love you because you spread aroma in the air. Being an optimist means you love life, you enjoy life, you like and admire people. When people like you, they also love you. When you are loved by people they will always be behind you to support you, to vouch for you.

A lot of people have this misconception. If they appear pessimistic, they will somewhat resemble the Existential philosopher. By talking negative things, they believe that they are modern-day Sartre or Nietzsche. You don’t look by thinking, talking, or behaving negatively. You are only making a fool of yourself.  Negative thinking does not make you Mister or Miss Cool. When you think and talk negatively, people will start deserting you and you will be left alone. You will be repenting all your life.

Studies have shown that positive thinkers are blessed with loving and caring families, and negative thinkers have troubled family life. You need to think, talk and behave positively to keep your professional and personal life in equilibrium.

Look around you, you will see people who are always successful in their career and profession as if they are blessed by God. Well, we all are blessed by God, if God hadn’t blessed us, we wouldn’t be here. But why is it that some people are always successful and some people never succeed or…


  1. The moment you start being pessimistic about your life and everything that you’re into, psychologically you would be defeated. There wouldn’t be any energy in you to push hard in all you’re doing. Once you face a very strong challenge, there’s no way you wouldn’t give up. There’s a huge lift of power in positive thinking.

  2. Before I choose my career, I was very certain of it. I couldn’t bring myself into starting something I wasn’t 100% convinced would be worth it for me. This is why I’ve been filled with positivity in my line of work. I manage my relationship in the same way.

  3. That’s very positive. Positive thinkers are mostly successful people. There’s is a saying that goes “show me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are”. This statement shouldn’t be that implemented literally. It means that your friends character/behavior can have side effects in you. That is to say that if you associate with people who are positive thinkers, your likely to be successful as they will have impacted in one way or another.

    Another means to be successful as a positive thinker is satisfaction and self discipline. You can stick positive thinkers but without self discipline, you won’t adapt to their shoes, you have that inward peace in your decision. Be satisfied in what you have no how your satisfied in what you have, there is happiness and happiness gives birth to positive thinking by clearing of negative/bad thoughts.

  4. Overall, I think positive thinking can boost your career by enhancing your confidence, motivation, and resilience. It can also improve your relationship by fostering better communication, empathy, and problem-solving skills. By focusing on the positive, you can create a more fulfilling and successful life overall.

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