Failure is Temporary, Give Yourself Another Chance

Failure is Temporary, Give Yourself Another Chance

Achievement is important

Do you know why people always try to accomplish something, always try to achieve something? That’s because there is some vicarious thrill accomplishing something, achieving something. The desire for accomplishment and achievement are ways to become better. The human race always tries to become better. The race has come forward making giant strides. Humans are the only species that have gone through drastic transformations.

Achievements are important. Because achievements will take you to the next level. I always try to strive for better, I always crave for achievements, I don’t worry about failure because failure is also in some way an achievement. If you ask me on a personal level I have no hesitation in saying that I try to do my job as well as I am expected to do even if I fail in my mission. For example, recently I did my best for achieving my sales target and reach the next level in the minimum time. Well, I failed to achieve it by a whisker but that did not make me feel defeated. Rise, give a second chance, failure is not permanent, it will simply pass away when you try again.

Success is important but failure counts too

I don’t remember who said this but I was deeply impressed when I read this line: Success is not final and failure is not fatal. What actually counts is your courage to continue what you are doing.

The statement has created a lasting impression in my mind. Therefore, my failure made me even more determined to achieve my goals and I am sure you too are one of them who can put trust in this quote. Believe me, I am not the one who sits in a corner weeping on his failures but someone who walks out tries again, does everything again to achieve the goal. I try to achieve everything that I failed in my first attempt.

Would you believe if I tell you that Disney a genius was thrown out of a newspaper job because his superiors thought he had no creativity? But then what he did is for everyone to see.

I have no intention to say that we consider failure as the alternative to success, no way. We must avoid failure at every cost putting our best efforts. Let’s have faith in our abilities and consider a failure as a temporary thing and start all over again.

I have an added responsibility for motivating my juniors and how to succeed in their marketing assignments therefore I love reading motivational stories as part of my job.

I feel greatly inspired by reading such stories. I believe that failure might make some of us feel like that was the end of the road, but when I read the stories about people rising from rags to riches my confidence double up.
Acceptance of failure is the mantra of success.

You might find it strange but sometimes setbacks in your career work as a simulator which in most cases instantly arise your activities in the right direction. The people who know the meaning of success do not take such small setbacks as their failures but they fully know the difference between a setback and failure.

Small setbacks- Worry not

In my long career as a marketing professional, I have seen top leaders of the corporate world who overlooked their failures without any guilty conscience and started from the point where they had gone wrong. However, people who believe in their abilities such as small setbacks make not much impact but kind of regular feature which encourage them for doing better and achieve their goal.


Money is important but not everything. However, I do not wish to underplay the importance of money in my life. But to be frank while sitting there the first thing that comes to my mind is that why a man runs after money when he can spend all his life with fewer needs, fewer worries, and fewer demands.

In fact, a person tries to earn more when he has already earned enough. He simply becomes a slave of his earning habit. I think money and success have a deep relation with each other and when you achieve any of them the other comes with it.

Achievements are important because achievements will take you to the next level. However, what to do when you fail and do not achieve anything?


  1. I don’t think life gives you a second change, there are no retakes in life. You have to take every step carefully, other wise you will end up repenting

  2. You’re right, success is important but failure counts too. If we don’t face the hard part we can not understand what it takes to achieve success.

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