Changes in Eating Habits and Lifestyle for Wellbeing and Wellness

Changes in Eating Habits and Lifestyle for Wellbeing and Wellness

Food is important because you need to eat to live. However, what you eat, how you eat, when you eat is also equally important. For better health, you need to eat right. Eating right means eating a balanced diet, eating at frequent intervals, eating the right quantity, eating healthy and nutritious food.

Eating the right food is important, however, equally important is maintaining a proper lifestyle, such as living stress, anxiety, and tension free life

Changes in Eating Habit Can Make You Young and Beautiful

If you don’t feed your body with the right food, there will be an adverse effect on how your body performs and your overall health. You eat to live, you also need to eat healthy for better health and fitness. Interestingly, there are many myths regarding eating. Here are some common myths related to eating that hinder your performance.

Working out on an empty stomach

A commonly held belief tells you that you should avoid eating before exercise. However, this is not true. You should eat light before working out or doing physical/mental labor. If your stomach is empty, how will you get the strength to do hard work? Always eat light before you work out. You need to avoid heavy eating though.

Energy bars and energy drinks

They say energy bars and energy drinks provide you instant energy. It is true. However, you will have to avoid relying on energy bars and energy drinks because they do not have nutritious value. You don’t get necessary minerals, vitamins and fibers from such food and drinks. Instead of energy bars and drinks, eat fruits and vegetables.

Skipping breakfast

In order to avoid putting more calories in the body, some people skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is really a bad idea. Once you wake up, your body needs the energy to get going. Starting a day with a good breakfast provides the necessary fuel for your body.

Low carbohydrate diets

In recent times there have been a lot of talks on low carb diets such as Atkins diet, ketogenic diets, etc. If you are overweight, you need to avoid carbs, however, for a normal person, carbohydrates are very necessary as it builds your muscles and provides energy for your body.

Eating what you want

You might love chocolates, ice creams, red meat, etc. However, you need to understand that many foods are just to please your taste buds. You are hungry does not mean you have an excuse to eat anything. You work our lot does not mean you can get away with eating anything that you can get.

Not enough calories

Some people avoid eating to lose weight. You might be able to lose some pounds by not eating, however, this is not a good way to lose weight. You should always avoid losing weight fast. Make sure you are taking the required calories. Remember, your body needs calories to perform well.

Skip the soda, carbonated drinks, and alcohol

You might live for a week without food, however, you cannot live more than 3 days without water. Some people try to replace the water with soda, carbonated drinks and alcohol. This is very bad.  Instead of soda and carbonated drinks, try to replenish body fluids with water, fruit juice, and milk. Don’t wait until you are thirsty. By the time you get thirsty, your body is already running out of fluids.

Changing your eating habits will make you healthy and fit. Eating the right food at the right time and in the right quantity will improve your body’s performance. If you eat healthily, you will not only live long and beautiful.

7 Ways to Reduce Tension and Stress For Beauty and Youth

Perhaps, you do not realize how bad tension and stress are for your beauty and youth? But then tension and stress are also ingrained in our life, we cannot get away from tension and stress, with have to live with them. All you can do is learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and tension. So, how do you reduce tension, stress, and anxiety for maintaining your beauty and youth?

Here are some simple ways that you can incorporate in your life to live stress, anxiety and tension free life.

Identify the cause and effect

Identify what makes you stressful, anxious, or intense. Identify how you react when stress, anxiety, and tension invade you. Once you know the cause and effect, it will be easier for you to find the solution. Learn how not to respond to your stress, anxiety and tension immediately, learn how to distance from you situations.

Detach yourself from past and future

If you live in the past you live with stress and tension, if you live in the future (think too much about future events), you are living with anxiety. If you want to reduce stress, tension, and anxiety, try to live in the present.

Do not run away, face it

You might be dealing with a broken heart, loss of loved ones, financial crisis, failing relationship. But that’s life. These things are not happening to you alone, a .lot of people are in the same shoes. Always believe that something good is waiting for you and face all situations with courage and confidence.

See the bright side of life

One of the easiest ways to live a stress and anxiety-free life and be happy is by developing a positive attitude. When you think positive, you always see the bright side of life. Seeing the bright side of life means you are happy and stress-free. If you have a positive attitude, you can easily face stressful conditions.

Compare yourself with less privileged people

If you compare yourself with people living a better life, you will overcome stress, anxiety, and tension because they will remind you of what you are missing in your life. However, if you compare yourself with less privileged people, you will always find yourself better. This will give something to cherish, something to be proud of.

Learn how to be happy

You need a reason to be happy, happiness does not happen without a reason. Make a list of things that made you happy and try to repeat them.

Be compassionate

Give food and clothes to the homeless people, donate money to charity organizations, do community work. Activities such as these will help you reduce stress, tension, and anxiety.

stress, anxiety, and tension are the parts of our life and there is no way that we can skip from these phenomena. All you can do is learn how to manage stress, anxiety, and tension.


  1. Important information you applied about eating appropriate meals to improve our wellbeing land wellness.

  2. Eating is a necessity in every living being on earth. Eating makes us grow mentally, physically and otherwise. No doubt eating is very good for the biological system but overfeeding or eating too much is unhealthy for the body too.

    I do not advise we skip breakfast but rather we should try and switch the kinds of food we take as breakfast in order to balance everything. Heavy load/works workouts should be avoided with empty stomach. If your are stubborn and decides to about it, I hope you are ready to face the consequences such as ulcer. And besides we all know “a hungry man is an angry man”, there will definitely be a little or even much rush in things you do with an empty stomach.

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