Is Social Networking Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health

If you have attended marketing class or management class, you have been often told that you should network with people as much as you can because you can increase your PR or Professional Relationship only through networking with people. With the advent of social media, networking has upgraded to a new level. Today, when we…

How to Pass Obstacles in Life

Life tests you in various ways. It gives you shocks so that you can learn how to come out of difficult situations, know the various aspects of life, learn from defeats, and respect the results.

Who Decides How Your Life Should Be

You fail to remember the joyful moments but never forget the sad ones. Or when something goes wrong you always feel ‘why it’s me again’ maybe not it’s you alone but hundreds of thousands might be suffering with same problem at this very moment.

Kill that habit before it kills you

Nothing interrupts your life and keeps you from doing excellently well in all ways like bad habits. Bad habits are silent killers because they can kill one mentally, physically, financially, socially, psychologically, and otherwise. They are easy to learn and very difficult to drop and they take away both the time and money leaving one…